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This is a quick read if you want to master networking fast really fast before an event.

This book is filled with my networking tips, tactics and conversation strategies.

This is a great book filled with lots of mistakes people make so you don’t have to!




I never found networking ‘simple,’ but the way Bart lays it out for us, not only does he make it look simple, it turns out to be simple. I’ve networked for years and never thought of networking like this. Thank you, Bart.” — Ken M., San Diego, CA

“I’ve read books on networking. I’ve heard speakers try to teach networking to others. I’ve been to networking events where I dreaded going, because all I was ever told about networking were the basics — have a firm handshake, smile, say your name, pass out cards and have your elevator speech ready. Well? Boring! I didn’t get any leads, and everyone I worked with at the event said the same thing. When I met Bart, I was blown away at how natural he was with people. Then, when I went to a networking event with him, again I was so impressed with the way he interacted with perfect strangers; how he made them feel good about themselves; how they opened right up to him within minutes of his walking in the room. I won’t even mention how fast people were buying his books and asking to have their picture taken with him. Bart literally lit up the room from the moment he set foot in the door and remained the star of the night throughout the entire event. Now, THAT’S a successful networker! THAT’S how I want to enter a room, interact with others and be remembered! Don’t you? The business he picked up from everyone he met was unbelievable. READ THIS BOOK and LISTEN to the AUDIO VERSION as well. You’ve never heard anything like it on ‘networking’ … Ever!” — Mary P., Personal Coach

“When I first met Bart and Noa I think I was at the very event they chose to write their networking mistakes book about. I always like learning and if I can improve my performance, impact or outcome at any networking event I’m all for it. Thanks for writing this book. There’s so much to learn when it comes to the mistakes we all make when meeting new people.” — Charlotte A., Playa Del Rey, CA

I can definitely relate to some of the mistakes Bart and Noa talk about in their bookNetworking Mistakes. Whether it’s something I forget to bring to the event that helps to promote me or not taking pictures with others I meet. I’m going to read through their book one more time to be sure I minimize the number of mistakes I’ll make at the next networking event I attend.” — Aaron S., Los Angeles, CA

“Bart, as always, you are a joy to work with, ever so resourceful, a wonderful speaker and one of the best networkers I’ve ever met. How you go about connecting people together is amazing. When I spoke to you about setting up a networking group, I had no idea that every one who joined, both my friends and yours, all knew who you were and yet everyone there met one another for the first time. You care a lot about people and it shows. You truly are THE MARKETING MAN.” — Susan L., Speaker Training Expert

“I really like this book (3 SIMPLE NETWORKING TACTICS). It gets right to the point about networking and the most important aspects there are to it. I can go anywhere in the country, as I travel for business, and use Bart’s tips inside this book and conquer any room. Bart, I love the way you write. You nailed it again.” — Mike V., Naperville, IL

You know Bart is the master at networking when his name reaches out to events he can’t even attend! I was attending a women’s-only award conference, when all I heard was Bart’s name! ‘Pat, Bart says, ‘Hello’!’ ‘Pat, Bart says, ‘Hi’!’ To my total amazement, more attendees at this all-female conference seemed to know who Bart Smith was than they knew each other! Bart should have been invited to this women’s-only conference just to introduce everyone to one another. He practically knew them all!” — Pat L., Radio Host & Business Owner

Bart's Cookies Break The Ice At Networking Events


There’s just something about networking that I love! Is it the interaction with total strangers that gives you that exhilarating feeling? Is it the idea you could meet a new friend, prospect, get a new idea, find an affiliate JV partner? Who knows! I remember writing my first networking book after a I mentioned to a friend, who was writing one as well, that she was missing 100 other factors when it came to networking. That early morning (around 3am), My Networking Tactics was born in hours of me writing down 101+ networking tactics I use to interact with people at any networking event.

Having written 15+ books on business, marketing, coachingpersonal growth, motivationrelationships and, networking (and more on the way), I find my networking books to be the most rewarding for me, personally, and for those I share them with. Why so? Because with networking, you’re bound not only to generate new leads, find new clients, vendors/suppliers, make new business acquaintances, but you’re also bound to make new friendships.

Networking is what I call the perfect “relationship marketing” tactic everyone should engage in at least once a month. Problem is, most people either don’t network (enough) or they don’t network (efficiently) enough to maximize their time spent networking.

Books by Bart Smith

All three of my networking books are geared to help address, inform and enlighten, give you tips and strategies no one else uses as well as other aspects of networking that just make you a better, shaper and more effective networker! Whether I go over 3 simple networking tactics everyone can master, or 100+ of my personal networking tactics from experience, or 51+ networking mistakes a co-author friend of mine and I witnessed together at a networking event we once attended together a few years ago.

Another thing I like about networking is the opportunity to share another passion of mine, my world famous chocolate chip cookies. I’ve been baking them since 1988. For me, I’ve always found my cookies to help break the ice, put smiles on people’s faces, introduce people fast, get people talking to each other faster, you name it! Check ’em out at and I hope you get to try them at the next networking event I’ll be either hosting or attending. think you’ll agree, they make networking a lot more fun and super productive, to say the least.

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